Štruktúra spoločenstiev pakomárov (Diptera: Chironomidae) malých vodných nádrží Slovenska a kľúčové environmentálne premenné.

Veronika Štillová


ŠTILLOVÁ Veronika, Chironomid communities in small waterbodies – ponds: structure and diversity based on exuviae. Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Faculty of Natural Sciences; Department of Biology and Ecology.

                Small water reservoirs have received attention from a number of limnologists because they have very specific properties. The most important function of these small bodies of water is to preserve biodiversity. The aim of this work is to bring knowledge about the structure and diversity of Chironomidae and to characterize the typical community of the studied biotope. Also, see how variation changes along major environmental gradients

                A drift net was used to sample floating pupal exuviae from 41 ponds in the period 01.07.2012 ­ 29.08. 2013. Pupal exuviae were picked, mounted to microscopic slides and identified to the lowest possible taxonomic level, usually species.

A total of 107 taxa of three subfamilies were identified. Species/taxa of Chironominae dominated, followed by Orthocladiinae and Tanypodinae. Phaenopsectra flavipes represents a first record for the Slovak fauna. Some of the other species, such as Benthalia carbonara, Zavrelliela marmorata and Paratanytarsus tenellulus are interesting faunistic records, since there are only very few observations of them in Slovakia.

                Analysis of the relationship between altitude and pond diversity showed interesting results: chironomid diversity rose with altitude, which is not in concordance with the general biodiversity trends. There was no relationship between the size and diversity of the ponds. This confirms that the Theory of island biogeography cannot be applied to small water bodies. Furthermore, we found that diversity is increasing with the increasing depth of pond. It is most likely because deeper ponds are more likely to provide more habitats for benthic macroinvertebrates.

 Keywords: Chironomidae, small waterbodies, ponds, biodiversity, environmental gradients

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