Conference Topics

The aim of the conference is the opportunity to present studies, experimental and theoretical results of previous research graduates in full-time and external form of study and young researchers (up to 35 years) and to provide an opportunity for scientific publication.

Main mission of the conference is to provide a forum for communication and obtaining information through discussion, professional publications and informal conversations. An exchange of views and experiences to get new ideas for scientific work. The conference participation is a step towards future professional presentations of results in a difficult environment for the scientific community at Slovakian and international level.

The scope of the conference includes following major topics.

  • Section 1 - Biology and Genetics
  • Section 2 - Chemistry
  • Section 3 - Ecology and Environmentalistic
  • Section 4 - Geography and Regional Development
  • Section 5 - Mathematics
  • Section 6 - Physics
  • Section 7 - Informatics