Analýza vysokomolekulových bielkovín v genotypoch Triticum aestivum L. a Triticum spelta L.

Stanislav Baroš


Glutenin subunits (HMW-GS), the important component of wheat gluten proteins, are used as molecular markers for the Glu-score calculation and determination of technological quality of wheat flour. The aim of our study was to analyse of high - molecular weight gluten subunits (HMW-GS) of locus Glu-1 in the Triticum L..  The standard ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) method was used for extraction and electrophoretic separation of HMW-GS proteins. The obtained electrophoretic profiles were evaluated according to the international catalogue for HMW-GS of wheat. We distinguished 6 types of electrophoretic profiles in Triticum aestivum L. genotypes. The composition 2*, 7+9, 5+10 was the most frequented (36 %) and reached the value of Glu-score 9. We observed 10 types of electrophoretic profiles in Triticum spelta L. genotypes. The composition 5+10 associated with the Glu-D1 locus was the most frequented (86 %). The highest  Glu-score value was 9.

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