Development of Informatics Competencies of Non-informatics Study Programme Students at the ISCED 5 Level

Ján Záhorec, Alena Hašková, Michal Munk


Today’s societies place challenging demands on so-called key competencies, a part of which are informatics competencies in meaning of a general computer or digital literacy. The key competencies look different in different contexts, but in of them they should strengthen one’s capacity to participate in the world right now as well as in the future. In the paper the authors present a methodological background and results of a pilot research carried out to innovate and optimize informatics discipline teaching within selected non-informatics study programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra. A key part of the research has been a screening of students’ requirements and opinions on informatics content which is and should be taught within their study programmes, and their assessment of the quality of the taught informatics disciplines. To collect the required data the authors developed a questionnaire containing 153 items divided into six areas. In the paper there are summarized main results of a pilot research which purpose was mainly to verify the reliability of the created questionnaire. Based on the pilot research data collection this was done by the means of the analysis of reliability/items and the questionnaire reliability value was calculated by using Cronbach’s Alpha. The obtained results show high internal consistency of the created measurement instrument and guarantee credible data collection for a broader research which will follow.

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