Usage of Social Networking Websites: Lithuanian, Slovenian and Russian University Students’ Position

Vincentas Lamanauskas, Violeta Šlekienė, Loreta Ragulienė, Boris Aberšek, Metka Kordigel Aberšek, Eleonora Melnik



It is obvious, that information communication technologies (ICT) are developing very intensively. Over the latter decade, fast growth of social networks as of a special ICT device (SNW) is observed, the increase of their diversity both from a functional and consumer point of view. One can claim that SNW permeate into all human activity spheres. Social networking websites “move” into educational area as well. Nowadays a lot of various social networking websites (or technologies devoted to creation of social networks online and their effective usage) are used not only for entertainment, leisure or communication, but also for teaching/learning purposes. Therefore, it is very important to understand the main motives of using social networking websites, to analyse their probable advantages and disadvantages.

This research relates to the usage of SNW. The purpose of the research is to ascertain how university students from three different countries (Lithuania, Slovenia, and Russia) use social networking websites; how they value them; what opinion they have about various SNW; what they know about them.

A questionnaire, Social Networks, with 16 questions was used in the research. The original questionnaire was translated into the national languages by the local researchers involved in the study. This research was carried out in 2013-2014, recognizing that it is especially important to understand the essential motives of using SNW, to analyze their probable advantages and disadvantages, to make some comparisons among students from the different countries.



Key words



Evaluation, Education system,ICT, Social Networking Websites, University students


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