Uniform Information and Educational Space for Distance Learning of Ukrainian IT-­Students

Katerina Yalovaya, Valeriy Zavgorodniy, Ksenia Yashina


The paper presents the concept of creating a unified information and educational space of Ukraine implemented as integration of educational web portals of educational institutions throughout the country. Under the proposed concept there were developed the educational portal structure and components of the training unit using the example of training process of the specialists in the field of software engineering . The purpose of the educational portal usage is obtaining the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, as well as the quality assurance of the received knowledge. The paper describes a teaching method that specifies a way of explaining the new material and the scheme of learning within the selected area of education. During the development of the training unit the function of individualization of educational activities is implemented. Text educational materials and training multimedia of the web portal should be stored in the knowledge base, the model of which is developed by means of UML Database Diagram. This model reflects the structure and communications of the domain objects with attributes and their data types. The paper shows the prospects of development of this area through the implementation of the practical skills obtaining unit, as well as quality assurance unit of the acquired knowledge.

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